Ridgemont 2020-2021 Restart/Reopen Information

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Curriculum & Instruction


In designing the future, Ridgemont Local Schools will create partnerships with our families and community which broaden minds to learn and serve through collaboration, innovation, and rigorous academics for life’s learning journey.  

      We are a learning organization,

      designing engaging work for our

      students that meets their individual

      interests and talents. Our seven

      district instructional strategies are:

      Service Learning, Project Based

      Learning, Co-teaching,

      Differentiation, Subject

      Integration, and Technology


      Our curriculum is based on the 

      Ohio State Standards for Learning

      which serve as a springboard for

      innovation and design thinking.

      Additionally, college and career

      readiness standards are woven into

      our core instruction PreK-12,

      including the incorporation of two

      school days dedicated to student

      college and career exploration for

      grades 7-12. 

Our 21st century PreK-12 building and instructional designs are founded on the following principles:

  1. Service and project based learning which addresses real world problems for real world audiences.

  2. Customized student learning based on student need and readiness which uses technology as a primary tool.

  3. Deeper, amplified learning which makes principles one and two purposeful and engaging to students.

We believe the following Gopher Traits uphold our principles and result in well-rounded, thoughtful and productive students, supporting them on their life-long learning journey:

  1. Determination - the grit to persevere in a task or belief and see it through to completion.

  2. Empathy - Sharing in the feelings of others even when they are quite different from us; demonstrating compassion and understanding.

  3. Cognitive Flexibility - able to change one’s perspective based on receptivity to new ideas as well as thinking about multiple concepts simultaneously.

  4. Innovation - using creative and critical thinking skills to problem solve with original ideas, devices, or methods.

  5. Humor - a positiveness that is able to laugh at one’s self and find joy in unexpected situations.

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