Board Member Info

How We Govern

1. We acknowledge that a School Board meeting is a meeting of the School Board that is

held in public – not a public meeting, and we will make every effort to ensure that

Committee meetings are effective and efficient.

2. School Board members agree to seek and support solutions that will provide the

greatest benefit to the largest number of students. Once the School Board has taken

action, Board members will support the official position of the School Board.

3. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to oversee the hiring, evaluation and

handling of personnel issues; it is the responsibility of the School Board to evaluate the

Superintendent’s effectiveness in these matters.

4. We acknowledge the importance of subcommittees, and the Superintendent agrees to

utilize them to focus on a specific topic in-depth and to prepare for presentation,

deliberation and possible action by the full School Board.

5. School Board members agree to recognize and respect that their authority exists when a

quorum of the Board meets and not as individual Board members.

How We Communicate

1. It is our responsibility to set the tone for the entire school system, and we will make

every effort to promote a positive image for our school system. The Superintendent will

be visible in the community, we will operate transparently and respectfully, maintain

confidentiality and respect the Open Meeting laws.

2. The Superintendent and the School Board recognize the importance of proactive

communication and agree that there will be no surprises. If School Board members

have questions or concerns, they agree to contact the Superintendent well in advance of

a meeting.

3. We agree that discussion will be limited to the agenda and items will not be added to the

agenda unless it is determined by the Superintendent and the School Board President

that it would be detrimental to delay the issue until a subsequent meeting.

4. If a School Board member wishes to add an item to the agenda, he or she should make

a request to the Superintendent or the School Board President.

5. School Board members agree to refer important questions and concerns they receive

from members of the school community to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will

investigate and provide all Board members with the information needed to respond to an


6. School Board members will channel requests for information, reports and data through

the Superintendent and the School Board President rather than directly to staff. The

Superintendent will ensure that each member has equal access to this information.

7. The Superintendent intends to seek comprehensive solutions to problems and will create

clear structures for decision-making. In the spirit of continuous improvement, these

structures may be revisited at any time.

How We Improve

1. School Board members agree to participate in formal training organized by the

Superintendent and the School Board President and conducted by organizations such

as the Ohio School Board Association ( OSBA ) and/or Buckeye Association of School

Administrators ( BASA ).

2. The Superintendent recognizes the importance of his or her own professional growth

and development and will participate in experiences designed to further their knowledge

and understanding and to advance the work of the Public Schools.

3. All new School Board members will be assigned a School Board mentor and will

participate in a School Board orientation session.

4. The Superintendent and the School Board agree to set aside time on an annual basis for

self-evaluation and to review our progress toward adhering to agreed upon norms and


5. We recognize the importance of honoring our agreed upon norms and beliefs, and we

agree to take responsibility for reminding one another when we get off track.

8/16/10 Source: Nancy Walser from the National Superintendent’s Academy, Dr. R. Johnson, Director.
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